Purchasing Programs in Washington


As classrooms, meeting spaces and other learning environments become equipped with digital-age technology, it’s important to be able to get great pricing on technologies that will help to improve learning and presentations. The DigitalEdge purchasing program at ESD 112 utilizes the power of numbers to bring the cost down on technology products and audio-visual equipment, and in these tough financial times, all K-12 schools, colleges and universities, libraries, public and governmental agencies can use a little help in making their dollars stretch a little further. Products on the DigitalEdge product and price list have been competitively bid.

Washington Learning Source

The Washington Learning Source (WLS) is a statewide program developed by Washington's nine regional Educational Service Districts. Our mission is to provide a place for districts to choose products and services that meet their needs and create economic efficiencies through ESD collaboration and a regionally supported delivery model. This website has been created to meet those needs.

Microsoft Select Agreement
Schools may purchase Microsoft products through a statewide contract with Dell. This provides educational institutions the flexibility for volume-based software acquisitions designed to reduce total cost of ownership. The Select License is based on a forecast of the total volume of Microsoft licenses purchased across the state rather than in a single district.