PILOT Assessment Site

PILOT is an online, self-assessment tool for educators to determine their levels of technology proficiency and classroom application. Charts can be displayed showing the overall level for teachers at a school site as well as within a district, region, or for the entire state. And it is a tool for districts to use with their staff to plan their professional development efforts.

How PILOT Can be Used:

  • Individual self-assessment
  • Building or district
    • Professional development program
    • A tool to articulate need
  • Workshop instructors
    • Pre- and post-assessments

The steps for using PILOT are simple:

  1. Create a new account by choosing the region where you live, and following the prompts
    These accounts are anonymous and a user’s email will not shared with anyone. It is used only to send the user registration information.
  2. Fill out the survey.
    • The Survey is broken into several sections, which need not be completed all at once. They allow you to self-assess on a variety of skill categories.
    • Note: Individual responses will be available only to the user. They may be used in aggregate by authorized users, and state educational leaders will only use them as a general indicator of the growth in technology literacy of the state's teachers.
  3. View survey results
    • Here a user can see survey results, detailed information, and growth over time.
  4. View Reports
    • This allows for viewing aggregate results for a building or for the entire state. Administrators may request permissions from Dennis Small at OSPI for district aggregate reports.


Managing User Accounts on PILOT - provided by ESD 112
Setting Passwords for Tech Literacy Survey - provided by ESD 112

Access PILOT at http://www.edtech.wednet.edu/pilot